Environmental issues have become an increasing concern over the last couple of decades, and this is one area of our rubbish removal and disposal services that we feel most strongly about. Where and when we possibly can, we will always recycle. If you have items that you think or know are recyclable, we’ll dispose of them the right way.


Do you have your own landscaping and gardening business? Or have you been carrying out extensive landscaping and gardening work at home? Or perhaps you want to tidy up your backyard by removing some trees, soil or green waste? At Sydney Rubbish Worx, we can help with landscaping and green waste in a safe, clean and efficient matter.

Labour hire

Not entirely looking for rubbish removals but need a skilled labourer at reasonable prices? With an arsenal of well-experienced and skilled labourers in the building and construction industry, we can swiftly execute any task required, as a subcontractor, completely outsouced. Available for once-off or on a regular service basis.

Green waste removal

Whether you’ve been working on your yard or have recently had to clear a lot of greenery to make space for building projects, we can take care of all green waste removal for you. Perhaps you run a commercial catering business or are in the hospitality industry and have a lot of compostable waste that needs to be removed – we can handle that too.

Site clean-up

Is your job site starting to looking messy or unsafe with all the rubble and rubbish laying around? Need to clean up the mess from your subcontractors? Our team of experienced labourers will come down and make your job site spotless and safe again. Available for once-off or on a regular service basis.


Just like strip-outs, but with more complex and structural impacting tasks. With major renovation and alteration projects to your home, office or projects, you’ll need an experienced demolition team at your disposal. Not only will we take care of your demolition project, but we will take care of all the mess, leaving you with a clean working space.

Strip Outs

We’ll take the hard work off your hands while taking extreme care not to damage any structural elements and surrounding finishes within the job site. Our rubbish removal specialists have years of labour experience in Building and Construction. No limitation to the type of strip outs we can take on, including bathroom strip outs and kitchen strip outs.

Rubbish Removal

As our name suggests, this is something we are genuinely passionate about. Our team of professional and experienced rubbish removalist can collect all general rubbish such as household waste or commercial waste. We will dispose of your rubbish in an environmentally-friendly matter, strictly following Australian Standards.